The Much Awaited Clash Of Clans Winter Update Is On The Roll

The Much Awaited Clash Of Clans Winter Update Is On The Roll
Supercell has finally released the highly anticipated Winter update to Clash of Clans. Photo : Phoenix Gaming - Clash Of Clans & Clash Royale/YouTube

After a couple of ups and downs, the highly anticipated Clash of Clans Winter update is here. It brought a couple of new features and exciting stuff. At first, some players are saying that they're having a hard time getting the update. However, as of this writing, it has been fixed.

According to International Business Times, the aforementioned event went live just a day after Supercell conducted a live stream activity. The latter basically featured two Clan players (they're members of the same Clan though), facing off. The only catch is that they did it along with the new update.

The studio has been generous in giving the Clash of Clans community a preview of what the Winter update is all about. And as promised, it'll make the game a little bit interesting more than ever. Coupled with various fixes and balances, it arrived along with new features and changes.

For instance, the great Barbarian King is now able to reach five new levels. These are from Level 41 all the way to Level 45. The same is true with the hero's opposite character the Archer Queen. Clan Castle, on the other hand, is quite robust. It has a new level (7). More importantly, it allows players to donate larger sets of Spells (from Freeze to Rage).

Clash of Clans troops such as Golem and Hog Rider get boosted in terms of level. Both of them can now reach Level 7, same with the Clan Castle. As for the spells, only one managed to climb up to the list. It's the Poison Spell, and is now able to reach Level 5. Apart from that, the aforesaid spell's radius has been dramatically increased.

Other changes include the increase in the Witch's hitpoints and damage. Balloons will now attack a bit sooner (happens when the destination is reached a bit early). Dragons, despite no changes on its damage, gets a new attack speed. This is also the same with the famous P.E.K.K.A, which is debated to be a robot or something.

A new Wizard Tower level (10) has also been introduced via the Clash of Clans Winter update. Apparently, it'll only be made available to players who've reached Town Hall 11. The increase particularly affected its hitpoints. Walls that are Level 12 can be acquired soon after reaching the aforesaid TH level. However, only 50 pieces of them are being offered. So, it's best for players to use these structures wisely.

Aside from the changes made to the base of the game, discounts have been given as well. This is, of course, in terms of upgrades. Barbarian King pertains to levels 31 to 40, with Archer Queen being at levels 26-40. As for the leveling Walls, discounts are applied from level 10 to level 11. Wizard Tower gets it at level 3 to 9, while Clan Castle sits at levels 5 to 6. Hog Rider and Golem discounts are applicable to all upgrade levels.

What are your thoughts on the new Clash of Clans Winter update? Have you tried it already? If so, how was it? Were you satisfied? Let us know what your thoughts are at the comment section below!

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