Clash Of Clans Winter Update: New Troop, Resource Icons Arrive; Supercell To Unveil More Details Today

Just as everyone expected, Clash of Clans will soon introduce the so-called Winter update. In fact, the sneak peeks are believed to arrive anytime today. Apparently, developer Supercell has already unleashed a quick look at two new icons -- the new troop and the resource. Well, it looks like the wait is definitely worth it.

In the official forum site of the studio, the devs posted an image featuring the new looks coming to the hit mobile game. As seen on the photo, most -- if not all -- of the brand new images are simply little tweaks to the old ones players used to know. In a sense, though, it's now a bit brighter and cartoonish -- so much different from how it currently looks now.

The image also projected the idea that new troop and resource icons are coming to Clash of Clans. For instance, the Elixir, Dark Elixir and Gold icons now have a new wash of paint. If compared to the current, they look a bit brighter, so to speak.

It's also worth noting that the Troop Training tab has been redesigned. But apart from the aesthetics, it also offers a new way for players to train troops in a much faster pace. While some might say that the new icons don't really bring significant changes, it's a fresh start to have.

Moreover, Supercell promises to bring more updates to the Clash of Clans community today (though no exact time as to when). The studio, as per the forum post, is set to unearth "update news and balancing info." Obviously, this will be done via a sneak peek or something.

As of this writing, it still remains a mystery as to what exactly the Winter update is all about. There have been rumors about new features and whatnots coming, but these are all but speculations. Nonetheless, via Twitter, the devs seem to have given a couple of hints pertaining to a new game mode. Heck, these clues even point to a possible set of cameo troops coming to the game.

What are your thoughts on Clash of Clans Winter update? How about the new icon looks of the troops and resources? What are your expectations from the forthcoming update? Be sure to let us know at the comment section below!

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