Overwatch Is Loud, Proud, And Gay

By Gen Que , Dec 21, 2016 04:40 AM EST

Tracer has already outed herself or at least, Overwatch has outed her and there's no doubt about it that Tracer is indeed gay. No one has been more proud to announce that Tracer is gay than the developers of Overwatch themselves.

Blizzard has formally and finally revealed Tracer's real sexual orientation through a comics called 'Reflection,' which went live on the official website of Overwatch. The story, which focuses on Tracer, went out quite normally.

She was seen rushing and buying a gift which turned out to be for her girlfriend Emily. After receiving the gift, Emily gave her a lip lock to express her gratitude for the gift. Emily does not seem to be part of the Overwatch team and they seemed to be living together already. In the later part of the comics, they were seen leaving for a party hosted by another Overwatch member, Winston. The comics finally laid all speculations and rumors to rest whether Tracer was gay or not.

Although the confirmation seemed long overdue, the fans can now let their breathes out. The announcement was not unexpected since Blizzard had already announced in 2015 that Overwatch will have some gay characters. That means Tracer is not alone and now that she is outed, fans are speculating which Overwatch character is also gay.

Revealing Tracer as gay was Blizzard's way of supporting the LGBT community as they wanted the community to have a strong LGBT character to look up to. It is also considered a breakthrough since most of the gay characters in games play supporting roles or just insignificant ones. Tracer changes all of these since she is not only one of the game's characters but also the most visible one. She plays a very significant role in the Overwatch world.

So who do you think is the next LGBT character in Overwatch?

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