Here's How You Can Achieve The Overwatch Max Level

Overwatch has some sort of a maximum level. At least, that's the highest level one person has achieved above all other players from all over the world. If you want to achieve the Overwatch max level, you have to be ready to make sacrifices.

At the moment, the highest level above all Overwatch players is 1800. This was achieved without any account sharing but by a sole person. And the honor belongs to a player named TaZzeRK. He tweeted his accomplishment and PVP Live has confirmed and reported it.

The tweet has some reference to account sharing which reminded players about the recent Chinese account that achieved the Overwatch max level as well. However, that was a collaboration of many players using a single account so it does not really count as a single player achievement.

So how does TaZzeRK achieve the Overwatch max level? He put in 16 to 17 hours of playing for six months. Yes, that's how much dedication he has and unless you have that, then you will have a hard time achieving 1800. It is understandable that he reached that level since he doesn't have a job. According to his own words, he was even "rushing" at that pace.

Just last week, TaZzeRK hit 1700 and then he went overdrive to achieve the Overwatch max level. At that point, he already unlocked almost everything in the game except Sombra since she was a new addition.

TaZzerk's achievements was met with both criticism and awe by different people, as expected. Some said that the number of hours he put in the game is just mind numbing no matter how much you love the game. But no one can really judge him for that. For now, we are cheering him for his achievement and hopefully he will take some quality rest after this.

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