Super Mario Run Toad Rally Tip, Trick: How To Play Feature Without The Ticket

By Nick Halden , Dec 22, 2016 04:29 AM EST

Super Mario Run players normally could not play the Toad Rally without the tickets. Fortunately, there is now a way but some player may not like it.

No Ticket - No Coins or Toads

Nintendo is allowing Super Mario Run players access to the Toad Rally mode even without tickets based on certain conditions, according to nintendolife. Players can challenge people in their friends list for a "Friendly Run" in Toad Rally. There are no tickets required if you are competing with friends. Unfortunately, players also don't get any coins or toads even if they win. Since it's a friendly match, any victory won will not be included.

Benefits of "Friendly Run"

Despite the absence of any material reward, players can still gain some insights or knowledge from it. You can simply treat it as a chance to practice your skills without wasting any precious tickets. You could also learn from the moves made by your "friends" during the matches. This can be considered as a Toad Rally training mode for Super Mario Run players.

"Friendly Run" Limits

This new feature though also has limits. Super Mario Run players who are still in World 1 can only use it once per day. Finish World 1 and you get to play it for three times every day. Players can use it for five times a day once they finished World 2. Super Mario Run is only currently available on iOS devices.


Obviously, this Toad Rally ticketless option will only work if you have friends who also play Super Mario Run. It's important to start building up your friends list in order to increase your chances of playing the "Friendly Run" option. For the competitive players though, not winning any coins or toads seems to be the biggest drawback of this free option. If you are one of them, better stacks up on those tickets. Unfortunately, you are only allowed a maximum of 99 tickets per day.

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