Super Mario Run $10 One-Time Payment A Mistake; Nintendo Adopting Free-To-Play Model For Sequels

By Nick Halden , Dec 23, 2016 04:30 AM EST

Super Mario Run requires a $10 one-time payment for the full version. Nintendo though, is having second thoughts about it and there are rumors that sequels will follow the free-to-play model.

Nintendo-Apple Pricing Scheme

Super Mario Run was downloaded more than 40 million times but only a fraction paid for the full version. This is probably because Android and iOS mobile gamers are used to free-to-play games. The Nintendo and Apple pricing scheme though, is unfamiliar to many downloaders. It seems many were still unaware of the $10 one-time payment fee needed to unlock the rest of the game. It also does not help that the game is placed at Apple store's free section.

Nintendo Assessing Mobile Games Market

Nintendo is probably surprised by the unintended backlash about its pricing scheme. The Japanese company's stocks even decline despite the "success" of Super Mario Run. In contrast, the success of Pokemon GO caused Nintendo stock prices to shoot up. This is despite the fact that Niantic is the one responsible for the Pokemon mobile game. Nintendo merely provided the license.

This has also prompted Nintendo to send survey questions to a select group of Super Mario Run players. The survey is lengthy around ten minutes long according to macrumor. Interestingly, the Japanese game maker is curious about what players think of the $10 one-time fee. Nintendo is also asking if they are willing play a possible sequel in the future.

Nintendo Adopting Free-to-play Model For Sequels

Nintendo's recent experience with Super Mario Run may cause it to change its pricing strategy. There have been earlier reports that two more Nintendo game are coming to the iOS platforms. This time though, there's the possibility that Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem will follow the free-to-play model. The Japanese company can still make money by offering in-game items for real world cash.

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