Are Aliens Getting More Aggressive? Video Claims An Alleged UFO Is Spreading A Green Substance In The Air, Oh No!

The Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) is currently doing it's thorough investigation after receiving various reports of an alleged UFO sighting that is seemingly spreading a greenish substance over the air. An eyewitness to the said incident that has been known to be a resident of Sebastian, Florida has claimed that she has captured the photos and video clips as she was trying to take pictures of the clouds near the Indian River.

Are Aliens Getting More Aggressive? Another UFO Sighting, Revealed

According to reports, at first glance, the bizarre object appears to be just a lens flare. However, upon taking a closer look, the Unidentified Flying Object apparently shows up in other images without the flare. In one of her statements reported by Sebastian Daily, Duffie Almeida Fattey, described the incident as something that she was not expecting. She said that she was just aiming to take pictures of the clouds and sun until she has noticed the strange object.

Looking at the photos and video clip, the object appears to be bright green, but the size remains to be unknown. Authorities have revealed that there are a lot of theories revolving on what it might be. Experts have already confirmed that it can't be the moon due to the fact that it was on the opposite side of the planet at the time these photos were taken. Furthermore, it was also found out that the object can't be a meteor as well since meteors are known to leave its trail and carry streaks, and considering that meteors usually last for only a few seconds.

On the other hand, as per Express, Duffie claims that the color was both alarming and fascinatingly beautiful, which she previously thought as something that is radioactive and highly poisonous. Ultimately, in one of his blogs, renowned UFO hunter Scott C. Waring said that a dark UFO disk was moving around above the eyewitnesses neighborhood and the UFO was making a green trail behind it, which he said might be another alien experiment.

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