And Twitter Goes Wild! Could Aliens And Monster Fish Be The Same All Along? Russian Fisherman Becomes An Instant Hit After Showing His Bizarre Catches On Twitter

UFO enthusiasts have long been perplexed about the existence of alien life forms, whether they really do exist and where could they be living all these times. Some experts say that they could possibly live right beneath us - the underwater world which is noted for being the mysterious ecosystem of the deep ocean. Just recently, the Twitter feed of Russian fisherfolk Roman Fedortsov has started to be viral after tweeting photographs of his most unusual catches.

Can Aliens And Monster Fishes Be The Same All Along?

According to reports revealed by Daily Mail, it was found that the fisherman works on a trawler based out of a port in northwest Russia, and began sharing his remarkable finds earlier this year. Along with his Twitter account, Fedortsov has also shared stunning images of his catches on Flickr. On his twitter account, Mr. Roman has allegedly shown many creatures brought to light and one of which is the frilled shark, an elusive eel-like shark known to have rows of terrifying teeth.

Meanwhile, The Moscow Times has also revealed that most of the deep-sea fishers would likely smile or shrug at his pictures, given the variety of creatures regularly pulled up in nets, but the images are perfectly monstrous to your average land-lover. It was found that while a number of fishes Fedortsov pulls out of the water look quite dangerous, he regularly handles the creatures without any trace of fear.

On the other hand, apart from showing various forms of monstrous underwater creature such as fish with dagger-like teeth, Fedortsov has also shown some eight-legged sea arthropods that humans rarely see. However, although deep-sea creatures tend to have an alien-like appearance to begin with, experts have explained that certain changes in pressure can affect the appearance of some when they're brought to the surface.

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