Look To The Skies! You Might Just See Santa's Sleigh As It Passes Through The ISS, Here's How

Considering the fact that the Holiday season is only a few days from now, children and some adults alike would really want to get a glimpse as to how Santa Claus wanders through the skies. Seemingly, parents may be just be able to show proof of Santa's existence and you don't even have to do anything but go outside. Experts have recently revealed that Santa's sleigh will be visible streaking through the skies over Exeter tonight.

How Do We See Santa's Sleigh As It Passes Through The ISS?

According to reports revealed by Daily Mail, the International Space Station (ISS) is scheduled to be flying overhead on Dec 21, and will appear as a bright moving star in the night sky. The ISS will allegedly orbit Earth at 17,500 miles/hour (28,000 kilometers/hour), and at an altitude of roughly 200 miles (320 kilometres) over the Earth's surface. NASA said that in the U.S., the best time to look out for 'Santa' will be at around 4:40pm ET, when it will pass from northwest to southeast.

Furthermore, in one of their statements, NASA has revealed that the space station looks like an airplane or a very bright star moving across the sky, except for the fact that it doesn't have flashing lights or show signs of the change in direction. NASA authorities have further added that it will be considerably faster than a typical airplane since airplanes are generally believed to fly at a speed of about 600 miles per hour while the space station flies at 17,500 miles per hour.

As per Express & Echo, when the ISS passes over, it will appear as an incredibly bright star like object or plane without flashing lights moving across the sky, it can be at times the brightest object in the night sky second to the Moon. Ultimately, it was found that apart from these facts, NASA's Spot the Station tool can allegedly help in locating and determining when exactly you can see the ISS, based on the location of your nearest town/city.

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