Why Will The 'iMac 2017' Be Apple's Ultimate Device

Why Will The 'iMac 2017' Be Apple's Ultimate Device
Apple has recently been controversial ever since it has not given any updates on the iMac after its recent October update, which lead to many people believing that Apple is no longer considering their desktop lines. But CEO Tim Cook has clarified that they are very much focused on the iMacs, as well as saying that the upcoming iMac 2017 will be the company's ultimate device Photo : Gadget News & Review/YouTube

Apple's recent MacBook Pro updates and iPhone 7 have proven to be controversial, and a recent pair of news items have highlighted just how much frustration is being aimed at Apple. First, Tim Cook made several posts to an Apple employee bulletin board, giving some details on Apple's ideas on thinking on the upcoming iMac, and some information regarding its hardware and software design. Cook writes:

The iMac 2017 according to Cook

According to Cook, "The desktop is very strategic for the company. It is going to be unique because people will be able to pack a lot more performance on the upcoming iMac 2017. We intentionally developed the iMac to have a performance which is similar to the Macs; the largest screens, the most memory and storage, a greater variety and options for I/O, and, of course, the fastest performance."

Cook also believes that there are so many different reasons why desktops are very essential, and in some cases, critical to people. The upcoming iMac 2017 is going to be the best desktop we have ever made. It's beautiful Retina 5K display is already the best desktop display in the world.

A lot of people in the media have raised a lot of questions about whether Apple is committed towards its desktops. But Cook made it very clear that desktops are the company's main focus. According to him, "We have great desktops in our roadmap. Nobody should worry about that."

From a strategic point of view, Cook also claims that Apple is also focused on things where software, hardware, and services all come together as one and bring out the best that only Apple can.


Despite this claim from the Apple CEO, seem brand new reports have surfaced, which offers an interesting contradiction to Cook's claims. According to a recent investigation, Apple has made a lot of decisions strategically that took some emphasis away from the Mac design teams.

The software team has been revamped, such that a dedicated MacOS team is not more, and most of the software engineers at Apple are focused on iOS first, then Mac second. Hardware engineers are now tasked to work on multiple projects at once or to be able to develop multiple renditions of a potential product simultaneously.

For instance, Apple engineers working on the MacBook 2016 update have reportedly wanted to incorporate an additional USB-C port and Touch ID support. Instead, Apple pushed out a slight iteration of the same platform and a new rose gold color.

In a simpler statement, Apple is somehow dictating the ideas and concepts of their Engineers, who are now feeling uncomfortable working for the company. With this being an issue, people fear that Apple might soon collapse due to the fact that they are not giving their workers the freedom to incorporate their own ideas towards their products.

Nothing to be excited about

With all things said, Mac fans shouldn't be too excited about any potential radical new designs for the iMac 2017. According to recent reports, the company is already preparing on some modest updates: USB-C ports and a new Advanced Micro Devices Inc. graphics processor for the iMac. There has also been a word that the iMac's design would still remain the same.

But nonetheless, the iMac would still be one of the most powerful desktops to hit the market next year.

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