Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Specs And Features Confirmed: Latest Phone Sports An Automatic Foldable Display

Many has been disappointed with the Samsung's Galaxy Note 7. Ever since the battery issue spread in the online community, people lose trust on the capabilities that the leading mobile company could offer. The Galaxy brand has already been tagged as dangerous by other people, instantly associating the gadget to danger despite not using it yet. But could Samsung get back on track with its Galaxy Note 8?

Samsung's Making A Huge Comeback, Offer Customers High-Quality Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Samsung seems to be determined to get back up as they released a sneak peek of what their next offering would actually look like. Many were speculating that the Galaxy Note 8 would intend a foldable display technology that would let its user bend its screen. It was rumored that Samsung already filed a patent that would eventually make this feature possible.

Recent news stated that the feature would be semi-automatic, providing a secondary display that would immediately activate once the phone has been folded. With this, many are excited to see the Note 8, as it is very handy and could be placed anywhere.

Though many are interested, some are also worried that the gadget could also lower down its quality when it comes to the technical side. Sources have it that in order to get things done perfectly, Samsung must place every component in its proper position.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Features And Specs Revealed

On the other hand, publications posted that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 would be exceeding expectations as it brings technology to a whole new level. Value Walk stated that the Note 8 could be featuring a greater storage capacity than its previous releases. Also, the camera could be increasing in its megapixel rating than before. Other than that, many are expecting big in its internal mechanics, AI assistant and resolution.

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