What To Expect With Microsoft's 'Xbox Scorpio'?

News for the Xbox one for this week goes well beyond the typical prices and features, as it would include the January Backwards Compatibility which is in the works by the company.

The Xbox Scorpio is slated to have a release date sometime in 2017, and it has not prevented fans from inferring how much the product would cost, and what its key features are. One good news is that the tech giant behind the Xbox Scorpio has already given small clues with regards to its price, along with what fans can expect from the said console.

Great Things Will Happen With Xbox Scorpio

According to Mobile N Apps, Microsoft has akin the new console to a highly advanced PC that would cost more than a thousand dollars, that has led fans to believe that its cost would be much more than the typical console. In a review conducted with AusGamers, according to Phil Spencer of Microsoft, they wish to compete in the market for consoles, and not for that of Personal Computers.

Price information for the Xbox One Scorpio has been leaked early this year, and it is believed that it would be more expensive than the Xbox One S, which has a £250 price tag, for reference. It's not certain though as to whether the price would be similar to that of its close rival, the PS4 Pro, at £349, but it is quite certain to not be more expensive than £400, despite Microsoft neither confirming nor denying this rumor.

Xbox One Compatibility is amongst us

According to Express.co.uk, next month would be great for those who want compatibility for Xbox One and earlier models. This is where the great news stops, however, as Larry Hryb of Microsoft has said that no games would be included for purposes of backward compatibility until 2017.

The most recent is the string of Bioshock games, and Call of Duty games are also greatly hoped to be added for Backwards Compatible games in the year to come.

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