Nintendo iOS & Android Games: What Game Titles To Expect

Nintendo has made it known that it will be releasing three mobile game titles both for the Android and iOS devices. The decision was made following the success of Super Mario Run.

Animal Crossing, Fire Emblem Coming Up

Nintendo has announced that Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem will accompany Super Mario Run in iOS mobile platform on 2017. A fourth Nintendo game will also be added but no details about it has been released so far.

Upcoming Nintendo Games Speculations

Nintendo head Tatsumi Kimishi, surprised industry observers by saying that he intends to launch more than three mobile games every year. Previously, he mentioned only two to three titles, according to Kyoto Shimbun. It seems the success of Super Mario Run and even Pokemon GO has made company official rethink their strategy.

Observers can only speculate what kind of games the Japanese game maker intends to launch. We can be sure though that more Super Mario titles will be included. Pokemon titles are likely to come out as well. Super Mario may have made some success but they are paltry compared to Pokemon GO. Nintendo may hold the Pokemon GO license but its developer Niantic earning most of the money. This time, the Japanese company is in the position to release Pokemon mobile games of its own. It is also quite possible that mobile version of Zelda will be released in the coming years.

Nintendo Adopting Mobile Strategy

Initially, the Japanese company entered the mobile scene in order to make players interested in its various gaming platforms. It may have discovered that the mobile market has a dynamic of its own. It's interesting that Nintendo is finally embracing the concept of mobile gaming. One of its biggest incentives is the potential profit to be made in mobile gaming. The Super Mario Run business model though, is unlikely to be replicated. Most of the company's stockholders prefer the free-to-play model with in-app purchases included in the game, according to Venturebeat.

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