Sony´s Official Twitter Account Was Hacked And Spread The News Of Britney Spears´ Death

Social Media was on fire yesterday, since Sony´s official Twitter account published on the platform the fake news about Britney Spears´ death, which created a huge controversy in which it was later revealed that all of this was made by a hacker that hasn't been identified. In fact, the 2016 Nobel Prize in literature Bob Dylan shared the tweet by saying "rest in peace", which suggest that his account was also hacked, considering that is also part of Sony.

Sony´s Official Twitter Account Posted That Britney Spears Died In An Accident

According to The Independent the original tweet of Sony´s official Twitter account said that pop star Britney Spears died by an accident. Of course, the fake news started to spread on the social media, to the point in which Britney Spears´ spokesperson had to offer a declaration denying the tweets.

Later, the hacker group OurMine get into the Sony´s official Twitter account and confirmed that the tweets were made by a hacker. This group is one of the most efficient in determining if there was any suspect activity on any account since it has made this kind of job for Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales, Mark Zuckerberg´s Facebook account and major sites as BuzzFeed or Forbes.

Sony And Dylan´s Tweets Were Deleted

Although this was a situation created by a hacker, Sony was forced to clarify what happened, explaining that the Twitter account was hacked and that Britney Spears is doing fine, as reported by the Daily Mail. Both Sony Music and Bob Dylan´s tweet were deleted, and both posts were retweeted more than 6,600 times.

Although this was a situation that created a lot of controversy in the social media, this is not the first time that something like this happens, given the fact that one of the most usual post when a hacker gets into a famous account is to post fake news about some celebrity´s death. In any case, Britney Spears is still alive, and Sony´s official Twitter account will never be the same from now on.

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