Study Links Violence And Mental Illness

By Rodney Rafols , Dec 27, 2016 03:18 AM EST

Mental illness has much effect on a person. Someone who has mental illness might have his personality change. There are also cases that have mentally ill people to be violent as well. Now a study links violence and mental illness.

A study made by researchers from North Carolina State University, RTI International, Arizona State University and Duke University Medical Center has found that there are factors which could make a mentally ill person prone to violence. Intervention is often necessary in order to help mentally ill people from falling into violence or becoming victims of violence.

About one third of mentally ill people could become victims of violence. This has been found by an earlier study, as said by lead author and RTI International researcher Richard Van Dorn. The current study explores the possibility of a mentally ill person who has become a victim of violence to also become violent, as well as for those who are violent mentally ill people to become victims themselves.

The research team has looked into data of 3,473 mentally ill people. The participants have answered questions about committing violence as well as being victims of violence. The database came from earlier studies which looked into the role of antipsychotic medication and other forms of treatment. Included in the database are answers of people related to violence.

For the current study, factors such as homelessness, treatment, symptoms and violence have been researched, according to NC State News. The study has found that all of the factors can be causes and effects of violence. From the research, a particular factor associated with violence has been identified as affective symptoms.

Sarah Desmarais, co-author of the study and associate professor at North Carolina State University has said that symptoms associated with mental illness such as anxiety should also be addressed. She has noted that those who have more pronounced affective symptoms are likely to become more violent. Treating the affective symptoms could help in reducing violence among mentally ill people.

A violent episode could lead to even more violence in the future, the study has also shown. Violence done to a mentally ill person could lead to a series of events that would soon turn to violence itself, as Science Daily reports. Van Dorn has said that the study's aim is to find better ways to treat severely mentally ill people.

Mental illness can be devastating on people. This can potentially lead to violence. A study links violence and mental illness together. A study has shown that childhood friendship could influence fear.


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