Capcom Will Not Be Making 'Super Street Fighter V' Or Any Other Versions

In the gaming industry, video game developers take pride in fans all over the world making speculations and even spreading rumors just to keep the interest going on. But that was not just the case for Capcom as it has just reportedly released an announcement that has dampened the hopes of many “Street Fighter” avid players.

Just recently, players of “Street Figher V” has been in discussion and conclusions of it having a spinoff or an upgraded version has reached the ears in Capcom. Most of the times, video game developers and companies turn a deaf ear to things like this because it builds their market and usually it ends up true. But as soon as word came out that fans are expecting for “Super Street Fighter V” or any other versions of “Street Fighter V”, Capcom immediately slammed these rumors and have attested that they do not have any plans of doing so and will never plan to do one.

The hopes of a spin-off or other versions of “Street Fighter V” sprouted from expectations that it will be the same as the earlier “Street Fighter” video game titles that spawned spinoffs and expansions. Matt Dahlgren, who is the Senior Product Manager at Capcom for the said developer’s fighting game brands has shed some light on why they will not be making “Super Street Fighter V” or any versions in the future. He has emphasized how grateful the company is for getting a favorable reception from gamers but expanding the said video game was impossible as this particular “Street Fighter” video game has been designed as a service-based platform.

Along with that, he has further revealed that Capcom intends to keep “Street Fighter V” up and running as it is until 2020, which is a few long years from now. This move most likely had something to do with Capcom finally venturing into professional gaming as it pushes “Street Fighter V" as its frontrunner for eSports. “Street Fighter V” was released earlier this year for PlayStation 4 and MS Windows.

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