Star Wars Video Game Players Last Homage To Princess Leia Is Heartbreaking

By Gen Que , Dec 29, 2016 04:00 AM EST

Just a day after George Michael died, the world has lost another icon, perhaps one of the greatest - Carrie Fisher aka Princess Leia. In fact, Ms. Fisher and her Star Wars character have been synonymous that fans refer to her in either titles. Now that she's gone, she left a very deep void in our hearts, especially Star Wars aficionados. To celebrate her life and her work, Star Wars video game players honored her in a way most befitting for a kick-ass princess.

Although a lot of fans all over the world have paid their homage to Princess Leia, the one Star Wars: The Old Republic fans made was the most heartbreaking. The players of the popular MMORPG from Bioware held impromptu gatherings at the House Organa located on the planet Alderan. The place was appropriate since Fisher's Princess Leia was adopted by Senator Bail Organa. Thus, all players gather and payed their last respect there.

One fan-made video was so heartbreaking that someone who watched it, even if they're not a fan of Star Wars, will feel the sadness. In the video, one fan took the effort to create a character that looked like Princess Leia and placed her in that place. Gamers then converge to pay their last respects.

Princess Leia and the fans had some good time bonding. Fans, waved, clapped, and even knelt. Then, there was a part where they all danced together with her. The best part, however, was when they drew all their light sabers together in a final salute to the princess.

Meanwhile, players of Battlefront, the biggest Star Wars game in the past few years, were contemplating what sort of tribute they can make for Princess Leia. Some players have been suggesting that DICE should create a new version of the princess as a tribute to Fisher and her character.

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