League of Legends Star Wars Inspired Mods

The Rogue One: Star Wars fever is very much in high gear and it would be nice if League of Legends will get some mods with the theme from a galaxy far, far away. If indeed there will be a Star Wars-themed mod in one of the best RPGs, here are the mods that will surely be a hit.

Rebel Pilot Corki

Corki has been a forum favorite among League of Legends fans. They imagine Corki's ship looking like an X-Wing and his outfit and helmet replaced by a Rebel Alliance uniform. Then, picture him smiling with his 'stache flowing out both sides of the cockpit. That would be really cool.

Taun Taun Rider Kled

Imagine the "cantankerous" hero Kled atop one of these space lizards. That would be one goofy moment. Moreover, Luke Skywalker also has the right tools to be Kled. It would be one hell of a ride watching Kled fight using the light saber and a blaster to finish off his enemies.

Caitlyn as a Tusken Raider

Can you imagine the Sheriff of Piltover shedding of her sexy costume and cover herself with a Tusken Raider's garb? She might not like it and give you a severe beating but creating a mod like this for her will be like a breath of fresh air. Plus, we would like to see how she would create those weird Tusken Raider noise.

Wampa Rengar

Wampa Pridestalker looks menacing and it would be nice to see him as a Wampa. The Wampa is more menacing because his long, sharp claws are as deadlier as Rengar's knives.

Urgot as Jabba the Hutt

Aside from the mechanical arms, Urgot and Jabba look similar in terms of size and looks. Well, not exactly the looks but modding Urgot as Jabba the Hutt won't be that difficult. However, you should not remove the Kowakian-monkey, Salacious B. Crumb. The mod should make Urgot like a King Hutt with four of these monkeys carrying him.

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