Bethesda Challenges Pachter's Prediction About Elder Scrolls VI 2017 Release

By Gen Que , Dec 30, 2016 05:34 AM EST

Michael Pachter giving his yearly prediction has been some sort of tradition in the game industry. One of his predictions for the coming year has raised the ire of Bethesda. That's because he said that Elder Scrolls VI will be releasing next year.

Pachter revealed his predictions for 2017 via Games Industry that Bethesda is close and that it will release Elder Scrolls VI at a much earlier time than Bethesda had announced.

As soon as Pachter's 2017 predictions made the rounds on the Internet, Bethesda's Vice President of Marketing Pete Hines wasted no time debunking what Pachter had said. Hines said via his Twitter account that Pachter should have listened to him and Todd more often because he [Pachter] was wrong. Todd, of course, is Todd Howard, Bethesda's director and executive producer.

It can be remembered that earlier this year, both Hines and Howard said that it would take much longer for them to create the sequel for Elder Scrolls. Howard said that people don't really get the point where Elder Scrolls is concerned. He also added that they'd rather create two to three differently sized projects first before taking on an extensive quest like Elder Scrolls.

Hines, on the other hand, said that Bethesda is not a two-button vending machine where they alternatively push these buttons to create only Fallout and Elder Scrolls. He added that Bethesda are full of creative people who has the right to decide where they want to go.

Judging from how extensive Elder Scrolls is, it makes sense that Bethesda is right and Pachter is wrong. Fans were hoping that Pachter could be right but they knew all along that it would really take time before the sequel for Skyrim will hit the market. For now, Skyrim V still holds a lot of charm and it is coming to the Nintendo Switch next year.

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