Here's Why Xbox Will Continue To Dominate The PS4 In 2017

By Gen Que , Dec 31, 2016 04:00 AM EST

The console wars will get fiercer as the three major companies - Nintendo, Xbox, and Sony - continue to bring new things on the table. However, it looks like Xbox has some edge against its competitors and here's the reason why.

One of the reasons why Xbox has kept its edge over the years was its ability to maintain the element of surprise for its customers despite being accused of a Forza/Gears/Halo cycle.

According to Microsoft Studio's Shannon Loftis vi Game Radar, one of the reasons that enable them to have fresh perspective is by adding new talent to the team. She, then, pointed out how Dave McCarthy joined their team and gave them fresh perspective as well as how they worked with Kudo Tsunoda.

Aside from hiring fresh talent, they managed to keep themselves from being homogenous by funding games, such as ReCore and Quantum Break, without abandoning their own games.

This coming year, they will release the much-awaited Xbox Scorpio, which many are predicting to be much better than the PS4 Pro in many ways. That's because Xbox has taken the time to develop the Scorpio unlike Sony which was in a hurry to put the PS4 Pro in the market resulting in a device filled with issues and problems. By the time Scorpio is out in the market, the 4K ability of most TV sets will also be fine-tuned. That is already evident in the new technology that will be showcased at the CES 2017.

Not only will Microsoft and Xbox focusing on quality and improving gamer experience but they will also be aggressive with quantity. According to Michael Pachter, 24 million Xboxes have been deployed in homes around the world and it will continue to grow next year as they also offer 4K gaming to players.

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