DuoLingo Apps Get More Social By Adding Clubs

By Tishya , Dec 31, 2016 07:23 AM EST

Duolingo is a free online language learning app with more than 100 million users around the world, which makes it the biggest mobile language learning application. Duolingo currently offers 59 different courses in 23 languages. Duolingo is available on the Web, Android, iOS and Windows Phone, winning Apple's iPhone App of the Year 2013 and Android's Best app of 2014.

Earlier this year the app, introduced chat bots to make it easy to learn a new language of their choice with an AI bot. The latest addition is the Duolingo Clubs, which now makes the process of learning a new language even more social. The users or players can gather into social clubs to keep track of each other's learning level in the app and progress through the game-style courses.

Duolingo Clubs integrated within the Duolingo app each has their own feed and weekly leaderboard. This feature helps learners get motivated by seeing friends' progress. Clubs will also have a weekly leaderboard where users can see how they perform compared to other club members. The users have their own profile page with new add-ons placed in it automatically, which other users can comment on for the achievements. The new feature is available for all languages; users can comment on their friends' progress no matter who's using the app for learning which language.

Clubs is available in the latest versions of the Duolingo iOS app and Duolingo app for android. Get the updated version of Duolingo and start clubbing. It is 100 percent free as always. Duolingo Language Clubs is a social tool to the app that has been used by more than 100 million people to learn a new language.

The Duolingo Language Clubs enables learners to join with other learners looking for, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Russian, Dutch, Hungarian, Ukrainian, Turkish, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Greek, Romanian, Czech, Polish, Thai, and Hindi languages.

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