Contextual Deep Learning Makes Artificial Intelligence More Real

Contextual deep learning allows artificial intelligence machines to react in a more natural and intelligent way to the real-world auditory, visual or other type of data.

According to Tech Spot, the concept of having a machine capable of reacting in an intelligent way has been until very recently a matter of science fiction. However, this concept is certainly very compelling and scientists were working on transform this into reality.

We are now on the verge of creating this new reality. The general public, however, is not yet informed of what concepts such as neural networks, artificial intelligence and deep learning represent.

Much of the current efforts in the field of deep learning technology are related from the simplest level to the very rapid recognition and classification of objects. This involves processing of audible, visual or some other form of digital data.

Data are input into systems by using microphones, cameras and other types of sensors. In order to provide increasingly detailed levels of differentiation, these systems contain a multi-level set of filters.

Artificial intelligence (AI) might bring into mind a fully automated society populated with robots that serve our every need. But in fact, science fact is more widespread, more affordable and more practical than Hollywood portrays.

The Dedham, Massachusetts-based company RAGE Frameworks is a provider of knowledge-based automation services. The company is an example of this emerging AI modern reality.

RAGE Frameworks has developed artificial intelligence technology able to scan structured or unstructured documents by using an artificial intelligence engine called RAGE AI. This AI engine sorts through the scanned data and provides interpretation or analysis of any patterns it discovers.

Venkat Srinivasan, CEO of RAGE Frameworks, explains that the RAGE AI engine works in both modes: assisted by human experts or on its own, in an unassisted mode. RAGE AI is able to rapidly configure end-to-end enterprise-grade applications, in a matter of days or weeks.

According to Technology Review, Srinivasan predicts a significant impact of the deep learning AI technology in the near future. With the RAGE AI system doing much of the business data analysis, it might soon become possible that intelligent machines will take over the execution part, changing the role of the human with all this automation.

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