‘Final Fantasy XV' Guide: How To Catch Giant Fish 'Devil of Cygillan' In Angler's Nightmare Quest

‘Final Fantasy XV' Guide: How To Catch Giant Fish 'Devil of Cygillan' In Angler's Nightmare Quest
Find out and learn how to complete the tough side quest in "Final Fantasy XV", called the Angler's Nightmare in the easiest possible way. Photo : McCree/YouTube

A month has already passed since Square Enix officially released the awaited “Final Fantasy XV” role-playing video game and avid gamers all over the world are still hooked, scurrying to explore every corner of the video game and carrying out the countless side quests.

One of the enjoyable features in “Final Fantasy XV” are the numerous in-game quests players can take on. These quests, which may be played during or after completing the video game’s main story, involve diverse activities such as hunting monsters, tracking down Royal Arms, taking memorable photos, and even catching different species of fish. One of the most painstaking yet rewarding side quests in the said video game is getting the biggest catch in fishing.

Find The Location And Activate “Angler’s Nightmare” Quest

The “Angler’s Nightmare” side quest is one of the fishing challenges the wandering fisherman named Navyth will give Noctis, which takes the latter back to the waters of Galdin Quay. Navyth will be waiting for Noctis on the fishing spot situated in Galdin Quay, which is one of the first places the party gets to visit at the beginning of the game. This is the last fishing challenge that will be given to Noctis.

The final fishing side quest must have Noctis catch the biggest fish in the game, which is the Murk Grouper. It is one of the toughest catches not just because of its size but because of its stamina that packs up to 900,000 points. It is recommended that Noctis be at least at level seven and be equipped with the strongest equipment before attempting this challenge.

Equip The Necessary Fishing Gears For “Angler’s Nightmare” Quest

Equip the strongest fishing rod that Noctis has and attach it with the strongest fishing line in the game, which has a strength of 2,000 points. This fishing line can be purchased at the shop disguised as shack at the east side of Vesperpool. Look for the pit stop that specializes in weapons and items made from bones, which is located literally in what can be either be a cave or a tunnel.

Use the bait called Burrower: Abyss Worm, which is the most effective to lure in a Murk Grouper. The Burrower: Abyss Worm fishing bait is most effective in the early hours of the morning and the wee hours of the night and can withstand only a cloudy weather. Once Noctis is ready, head on the beach in Vannath Coast where Galdin Quay is located, most likely at early morning, and Navyth will be there waiting.

The giant Murk Grouper will not be indicated in the map as it usually does when a special kind of fish is around to catch. Simply extend the fishing line near where Navyth is as that is where the giant fish is lurking around. Once the giant Murk Grouper bites the bait, go on with the usual routine on how to fish but keeping in mind that it is better to tap the reel button instead of holding it against a catch that is trying to get loose since this will easily deflate the strength of the line.

Completing the Navyth’s final fishing challenge will give the party 5,000 experience points and Noctis will obtain the Tranquility Rod that has 290 defense points. The item that can be obtained from catching a Murk Grouper is the extremely rare Murk Grouper Eye.

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