Call Of Duty 2017 Will Have A 20th Century Setting This Time

By Gen Que , Jan 04, 2017 04:40 AM EST

It has been known that Sledgehammer Games have been putting their heart and soul to the newest Call of Duty game. Although there are no other information from the game developer itself, the latest teaser they have released suggested that Call of Duty 2017 will have a twentieth century setting this time.

Sledgehammer Games is known to have teasers before they make formal announcements for their games. In the past for example, they posted a New Year greeting card with an astronaut and true enough, the Call of Duty game had a futuristic setting.

On December 25, they tweeted a Christmas card featuring a Colt M1911 pistol. This weapon is still in use today but was widely used during the previous wars. It was the standard side weapon of American soldiers during World War I, World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War. Based on this, the next Call of Duty might be set during one of these wars.

The loudest speculation among them all was a Call of Duty with the Vietnam War as the backdrop. There are many reasons why there is a big possibility of using the Vietnam War as the setting.

First of all, using World War 1 is out of the question since Battlefield 1 has already dominated that. Then, there's also the Battle of Verdun, a PC game similar to Battlefield 1 which will soon have an Xbox One release. On the other hand, using World War II is a big risk for the studio. Furthermore, the Korean War is a much bigger risk and compared to the Vietnam War, the latter is a much more colorful and interesting backdrop.

Whatever Sledgehammer Games decide for their setting, fans are looking forward to this change and will re-establish the respect for the game which Call of Duty lost because of Infinity Wars. And when this happens, its the CoD fans turn to laugh at all those who tried to put their favorite game down.

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