CBD Cannabidiol To Be Legalized Soon; Substance Classified As Medicine

Breaking news about a new strain of marijuana that is high in levels of CBD Cannabidiol have come out. Scientists may have found an answer for medical conditions such as cancer, schizophrenia and epilepsy. They have probably discovered a way to use it medicinally while not getting the user in a high state.

In the same light, healthcare regulators in the United Kingdom announced that CBC Cannabidiol will officially be classified as a legal ingredient in the medical products. This will then regulate all medical manufacturers to meet certain standards in terms of creating CBD-based medications.

According to The Inquisitor, Marijuana is made up of two components, namely Cannabidiol and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). These two substances have a ratio, the higher the CBD, the lower the THC and vice versa.

THC is responsible for the mind-altering effects known to everyone. So the new form which has low THC will have a higher CBD level. Since the THC level is low, users will not seem "high" so the chances of criticisms and opposition regarding its legality will be lesser.

Merry Jane shared about MHRA director of inspection and enforcement, Gerald Heddel's take on the overt medicinal claims about products containing CBD.

"The change really came about with us offering an opinion that CBD is in fact a medicine, and that opinion was based on the fact that we noted that people were making some quite stark claims about serious diseases that could be treated with CBD."

Martin Lee, a director of Project CBD believes that he can change the negative perspective people have about medical Cannabis. According to him, CBD is a game changer for medical Marijuana. Its safety and lack of psychoactivity removes any argument that it should not be legal.

So far, 29 states have legalized some forms of medical Marijuana. While there are 15 states that allow the use of a form low in THC and high in CBD Cannabidiol.

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