Marijuana News: Vegas Allows Recreational Marijuana Use Except When Driving

The latest marijuana news feature the legalization of Marijuana for recreational use in Nevada on Jan 1. Metro police officers now take on the challenge by dispensing a "Drive High, get a DUI" message that was issued by the Nevada Highway Patrol and Nevada Office of Traffic Safety.

A May study performed by the AAA Traffic Safety Foundation states that Marijuana is the second most encountered substance in DUI arrests. Effective sobriety tests exist to keep watch of these instances in the form of the walk and turn, finger-to-nose and one-leg stand tests.

Apart from the tests, a common clue will be bloodshot eyes, alcohol or weed breath, watery eyelids or drooping eyes. As per Review Journal, there are about 997 drugged driving arrests in 2016 and half of it involved Marijuana.

The protocol starts with a sobriety test and once the driver is noted to be under the influence of Marijuana or other intoxicating substances, a blood test will be required after. St. George Utah's Marijuana news talk about the NRS 484C.110 Nevada Law which states that two nanograms of active THC is enough reason to issue the driver a DUI.

For alcohol, a 0.08 g/dL blood alcohol level is the threshold for legal intoxication. Alcohol takes more time to flow through the bloodstream and reach the brain as compared to Marijuana that reaches the brain once smoked. According to the AAA study, a person who smoked Cannabis or Marijuana is suggested to wait six to eight hours before driving.

The Marijuana news inform users that Nevada's limit is 10 ng/ml or 15 ng/ml of Marijuana metabolite in urine and 2 ng/ml or 5 ng/ml of metabolite in the blood stream. As of the moment, Nevada law has the same penalties for DUI cases involving Marijuana and alcohol. Combining the two will be deadly and is more likely to lead in heavier penalties and charges.

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