Diablo 3 Massive Update Brings Unique Legendary Power Class-Specific Items

By Gen Que , Jan 05, 2017 04:20 AM EST

The Diablo 3 update 2.4.3 is already live for its 20th anniversary and along with it comes tons of goodies, tweaks, and fixes. The year 2017 is indeed good to all Diablo 3 fans out there. One of the newest features in this update is the unique legendary power to some class-specific items. Here they are including the minimum levels you need in order to use these items.

If you are a Barbarian, the power of your Saffron Wrap increases your next Overpower by 40 to 50 percent when you hit an enemy. More so, it is effective against a maximum of 20 enemies.

If you are playing as a Crusader and you use Faithful Memory, the damage your Blessed Hammer inflicts upon the enemy when hit by the Falling Sword increases by up to 60 percent for 10 seconds. That means the damage stacks up to 10 times.

For Demon Hunters, using the Hellcat Waistguard will affect a variety of skills including the Cluster Arrow, Rain of Vengeance, Strafe, and Rapid Fire. Grenades also will have a chance to bounce up to five times and with each bounce, the damage it inflicts has an additional 50 percent. Furthermore, the bonus increases up to 800 percent in the final bounce.

On the other hand, if you are a monk and you use Rabid Strike, you get to mimic the spirit senders that teleport you provided you have Epiphany active while undergoing the teleportation.

The Witch Doctor will also have a fun time using the Barber because it allows you to accumulate the damage upon the target. It becomes effective when you stop casting because it suddenly explodes and damages all enemies that are within 15 yards.

Meanwhile, when Wizards use Manald Heal and Paralysis together, The enemies will not only take the damage but their weapon will also get up to 14,000 percent damage.

This is just the tip of the iceberg because Diablo 3 update 2.4.3 has so much more.

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