Diablo 3 Update: New Amazing Armory Revealed In Detail

Diablo fans also had their day during the recently concluded BlizzCon 2016 as Blizzard announced its plans for the upcoming Diablo III. The reveal included the return of the Necromancer as well as the introduction of the Armory.

According to Blizzard, the Armory is the newest addition to the Diablo franchise. It will be introduced some time in 2017 and will be included as a patch update. The Armory will make life easier for players because it will save them the hassle of undergoing various changes when they want to switch between different builds. This will allow the player to save up to a maximum of five load outs for each character as well as being able to store its skills, items, passives, and Kanai's Cube powers.

Blizzard also gave an overview how players can use the Armory. Simply click a button to switch between load outs. The game will automatically do everything, like switching gems. The best news for this is it will not cost players any more money to unsocket.

However, there's one downside with the introduction of Armory: players cannot save paragon points anymore. Blizzard explained that is because players will now have the ability to continuously earn points. Furthermore, paragon points will be outdated when they switch from one load out to another.

Aside from the Armory, Blizzard also revealed some detailed differences between the Necromancer and the Witch Doctor. One of them is their summon abilities. The Witch Doctor's summon ability is more passive, which means that after you summon the pets, you will forget about them. The Necromancer, on the other hand, is more active because it can summon a skeleton and command it to attack another target.

Their resources are also different. The Necromancer uses essence and the dead bodies left behind by enemies. The Witch Doctor, by contrast, uses mana. Some of the old favorite skills will come back, such as the Bone Spear, which allows you to shoot a straight attack; the Corpse Explosion, which enables you to blow up as many as 10 bodies with one attack; and Decrepify, which slows down their damage and allow them to regroup.

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