Amazon Alexa Is Winning Digital Assistants Tech Race

By Victor Thomson , Jan 06, 2017 02:53 AM EST

According to tech analysts, Amazon's Alexa is set to win the competition on the digital assistants market.

Amazon's Alexa At CES 2017

According to Forbes, one of the trends that emerge at CES 2017 is the maturation of the IoT market that provides many complete smart home solutions. Another popular theme and emerging trend at this year's CES is the digital assistant. While AI apps such as Cortana, Siri and Google Now have been popular on computers and smartphones for several years, the availability of the Alexa platform and the success of Amazon's Echo have pushed forward the technology advances that show off what is possible with voice control and natural language processing.

CES 2017 witnesses the emergence of Amazon's Alexa as the leading artificial natural language processing platform based on artificial intelligence (AI). At least two dozen applications based on the use of Alexa have been already launched. Devices that include everything from the latest Huawei flagship Mate 9 smartphone to the First Alert smoke alarm are leveraging Alexa as the digital personal assistant technology.

Amazon's Alexa has risen rapidly to the top choice for developers. The application is set to be the clear market leader, in combination with other Amazon services. The rise of AI as an essential trend at CES is marked by the rise of Alexa. Everything from the autonomous vehicles technology to digital assistants indicates AI as a critical technology for the future.

According to Time, companies like Microsoft, Samsung, Google and Apple have all aimed for control over the computers on out desks, the smartphones we carry in our pockets and even the watches on our wrists. Silicon Valley has witnessed a new emerging tech race over the past year. This revolves around competing to develop the best user experience provider and the most sophisticated virtual assistant. And the winner is definitely Amazon with its Alexa AI app.

Amazon's Alexa Used In Various Hardware

As most convincing proof of this is the fact that Amazon's voice assistant, Alexa, is dominating this year's Las Vegas' tech CES where auto manufacturers, gadget makers, and app developers gather to present their latest and greatest accomplishments. While Amazon did not attend the conference officially, its Alexa digital assistant showed up in laundry machines, lamps, robots, new smartphones and car infotainment systems.

Dish, GE, Lenovo, Whirpool, and Ford are just a few of the brands announcing plans to add Alexa voice-activated digital assistant to their hardware. According to the website, Amazon is building with Alexa an invisible operating system as a platform for running a wide range of daily applications.

Voice-recognition technology seems to finally mature after years of failure and promise. And much of Alexa's success can be traced back the Internet-connected, Alexa-powered speaker called Amazon Echo. The smart speaker is capable of running apps as well as answer questions. Since it launched in 2014, Echo became a great hit with consumers. According to Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, around 5.1 million Echo devices are estimated to have been sold by Amazon.

Virtual assistants such as Alexa rely on technologies like deep neural networks and speech recognition. Over the last several years, these emerging technologies have improved dramatically. In turn, this made it possible to achieve great improvements in AI software like Alexa.

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