Battlefield 1 New Custom Game Coming In February

By Gen Que , Jan 06, 2017 04:50 AM EST

DICE has announced on its blog that they are introducing a custom game this January and February. Aside from that, another update is also coming so Battlefield 1 will have a lot of good things coming their way.

Starting January 18, Battlefield 1 will have a custom mode called Bleed Out, which is the custom version of Rush. In this mode, enemy soldiers who were killed will be able to respawn much faster but your regenerative health is off.

Aside from the new mode, DICE also announced that fans should expect a new update for the game. They did not reveal much except that they are bringing some improvements to the gameplay based on the feedback they got from the community. They asked the fans to expect more in the coming days.

Meanwhile, DICE is also releasing a new DLC expansion for the game called They Shall Not Pass, which will be based on the longest battle during World War 1. The upcoming DLC is said to have a time limit with Season Pass members playing two weeks ahead of those without a premium account.

This DLC expansion is just the beginning since EA has three other expansions all line up in the coming months of 2017. In addition to the expansion packs, those with Premium Pass will also receive 14 Superior Battlepacks. They hold special items and weapons that will prove beneficial to those who get them.

Meanwhile, Battlefield 1 fans are very happy with the performance of the recently released patch 1.05 because it really boosts the performance of the game in both the Xbox and PS4 consoles although the effect is smoother on Xbox. The patch decreased the streaming stutters during the game. However, the dynamic resolution of the game that fans are hoping are missing.

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