Battlefield 1 Secret Weapon Is Not A Man Or Machine

Some details for Battlefield 1 has been released and revealed a trailer of one of its missions where the secret weapon is not man or machine. It's not Superman either, though it will take you to the skies and allow you to see the awesome ground strikes happening below. That secret weapon is none other than a pigeon.

Battlefield 1 has one mission called "Through Mud and Blood," where part of the tank crew got overrun by enemy forces and the only hope of winning is by sending carrier pigeons carrying coordinates for an airstrike.

In Battlefield 1 game, the crew releases the bird, you have to help it navigate through the air in order to successfully deliver the coordinates to home base. The bird has to fly through rings of smoke until it reaches its destination. Once homebase gets the coordinates, they will launch the strike. This goes on and on until the enemy gets defeated.

DICE has managed to become historically accurate as well as entertaining since pigeons had a very critical role during World War 1. Aside from Battlefield 1's historical factor, using the pigeon during gameplay allows the players to have a literal "bird's eye view" of the battle.

Although it is in itself amazing, Battlefield 1 gameplay and the mission have received mixed reviews from those who had a first look of the game. Some say that although using pigeons are original in such a game, it is a bit of a waste and just served as a filler to make the game longer. They also suspect that aside from this mission, the use of pigeons might be utilized in others as well.

Whether or not the use of pigeons in Battlefield 1 will stand well with the players remains to be seen until they take their hands on the game. Meanwhile, the accompanying trailer of that mission will give players an idea what it is like as a pigeon witnessing one of the most brutal wars in history.

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