Nintendo Switch Will Introduce More Than 20 Pokemon

By Gen Que , Jan 06, 2017 04:40 AM EST

One of the rumored title that will come to Nintendo Switch was a third version of Pokemon Moon and Sun. However, it was renamed and will instead be called Pokemon Stars and it will introduce more than 20 new Pokemon in the game.

According to video game reporter Laura Kate Dale via a Reddit AMA, Pokemon Stars will be the first Pokemon game to be released on the Switch. She also added that Pokemon Stars will have and additional 20+ Pokemon which were not seen in Pokemon Sun and Moon. She also added that she didn't know how Sun and Moon players will take the news knowing more than 20 critters were removed from their game to be included in a new game.

Further in the interview, Dale opined that Game Freak will not add more monsters to Pokemon Stars. She added that she has no idea what fans will feel about buying a new Pokemon game and console just to take their hands on the new Pokedex.

Pokemon Company hasn't denied nor confirmed the rumor but a lot of experts are predicting that the possibility of Pokemon going to Switch is very high. Aside from this, Dale also gave more of her predictions for the Nintendo Switch. She said that the Switch is most likely to be released on the 17th of March, which is also the SXSW night. It is also possible that Nintendo Switch will have several versions where the entry model will be around 32 GB and will cost at or below $300.

As for its VC library, Dale added that a lot of people will be very disappointed because there will not be enough titles during its initial stages. It will definitely have third party titles, one of which is Rabbids RPG. Rumors have it that there will four third party exclusives but she doubts that the three other titles will be as good as Rabbids.

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