Mass Effect Andromeda News: BioWare Presents Game Trailer At CES 2017, Here's Why

Players who have been expecting Mass Effect Andromeda were delighted when BioWare released two-minute presentation of the game in an event that is all about PC and technology. Fortunately, the developer has its own reasons why the game deserves to be part of CES 2017.

BioWare believes that Mass Effect Andromeda is the kind of video game that is enjoyable with the help of technology. According to Digital Trends, the whole team is determined to overcome each boundaries that may prevent the players to maximize the game.

BioWare is telling the fans of Mass Effect Andromeda that the game is more enjoyable when played in 4K resolution and HDR. The developer believes that the game will be more realistic if the players will meet these requirements.

Mass Effect Andromeda is playable on different consoles that is why BioWare launched it on CES 2017. NVIDIA invited the developer to launch the game because the tech company also thinks that the technology in the event is suited for the game.

BioWare revealed the trailer of Mass Effect Andromeda in CES 2017 because the team believes that even if others seem to think that it is inappropriate launching event, a lot of people will appreciate the its storyline. Also, the PC players are one of the community wherein the franchise is highly appreciated.

Also, Mass Effect Andromeda fans have the choice to get the Nomad ND1 Collector's Edition of the game. The controller costs $200 but the full version of the game is not yet included with the price. The controller is very different because of it is a replica of the ship in the game.

With the controller and the development of the game, Mass Effect Andromeda has the right to be included in CES 2017. The players are excited with what BioWare will bring them but they have high hopes that the game is innovative and better than the previous installments.

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