Mass Effect Andromeda News: Microsoft Hints Game's Release On Xbox One

Microsoft just teased its players when will Mass Effect Andromeda arrive on Xbox One. The players are still waiting for other announcements if what is posted on Xbox One's website is true or not. The good news is the pre-order of the game is still available.

When Is Mass Effect Andromeda Be Available On Xbox One?

Mass Effect Andromeda will be available this March 31. This is good news for the fans because they have waited for quite some time for this space-tastic adventure. According to Express, the released date was posted in Xbox Live Rewards website.

Though the players are not sure if the date posted is the official release of Mass Effect Andromeda, this will not stop the players in hoping that they can actually enjoy the game on the said date. They are crossing their fingers that the news is true.

The players speculated that Mass Effect Andromeda will be available for Xbox One since Microsoft announced that players can pre-order AAA games starting Jan. 1 until March 31. If this is true, they can get 15,000 reward for their account.

What Other Games Will Be Released On March On Xbox One?

As per GameSpot, players can watch out for South Park: Whole But Fractured that will be released on March 30 on Xbox One. However, this is not yet the official date for the game and is still subject to the developer's decision.

Another game that is listed on Xbox Live Rewards website is Injustice 2. But the players should wait if the game will be arrivng on March because there are still no offficial announcement from NetherRealm.

Mass Effect Andromeda is one of the most anticipated game this year. Hopefully, on March 31, players can get their pre-ordered game and for those who did not can purchase their own from the retailers of the upcoming video game.

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