Resident Evil 7 News: 'The Experience' Event Now Comes To London, Here's What We Know

Capcom will let the players and fans of Resident Evil 7 to enjoy the game in real life with The Experience event happening this month. However, not only the fans based on London can participate with the event because players from San Francisco already enjoyed the event.

The Experience By Resident Evil 7

The Experience will be happening on London. It will be located at the Far East End. The event will be a 45-minute storyline showcasing Resident Evil 7's scary set-up. The players only know that the venue will be haunted just like in the game.

The venue of The Experience remains secret. The players need to go at 91 Brick Ln, London E1 6Ql. This is the address where the Sewer Gators at Dray Walk Gallery. The event will exactly start at 11:30 a.m. so the players have to be on time.

As per VG247, the participants will be investigating just like a journalist intern. They need to check out why the crew members suddenly disappeared inside the house. Of course, they should expect numbers of puzzles and clues that will be very useful to solve the mystery.

When Will The Experience Be Happening In London?

According to Gamasutra, before the release of the game of Resident Evil 7 on Jan. 24, the players can have a glimpse of what they can expect in the game through The Experience event. The event will start on Jan. 20 until Jan. 23.

The players can enter The Experience for free. Capcom wants its players to know that the event is first-come basis that means that they should expect a long line. The players can go by pairs and if they are lucky enough, they can play the demo version of Resident Evil 7.

A lot of fans cannot contain their excitement because of The Experience by Resident Evil 7. This is like a walkthrough for the players to see what the game will give them. Hopefully, fans will be able to come inside the haunted house prepared by Capcom.

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