Here Are The Reasons Why The Gameplay Of Resident Evil 7 Remains A Secret Up To Now

Producer of Resident Evil 7 Masachika Kawata wants to surprise the players on what they can expect with the upcoming scary and adventure game. His point is that a horror game may lose its touch when players know beforehand what the game has to offer.

Kawata said that the team wants to keep their mouth shut with the gameplay of Resident Evil 7 because it is a horror game. The company wants to surprise the players with what will happen with the adventure of Ethan in the game.

According to iDigital Times, Kawata clearly stated that the developer wants to entice the players senses. For example, the players need to figure out how they can escape a certain chapter. The company wants to surprise the players what will they face in the dark.

Capcom does not want to spoil the fun for the players because the game is better experienced first hand. Players are hoping that Resident Evil 7 will be giving them a thrilling experience. The developer has to build up the anticipation of the players that lead to impatience.

Unfortunately, some dataminers have found out some important details regarding Resident Evil 7's content. But players are still waiting for the game before they can finally discover what they can see and can play in the game.

Some of the critics of Resident Evil 7 are saying that the game is just a reboot. Also, there are some comments of the players that the game begun to be disinterested after the fourth installment of the game.

Kawata assured the fans of Resident Evil 7 will be the best among the other installments. The fans have to wait for a little longer so that they can judge what Capcom has brought to the game. The producer is positive that the latest game will change how others see the franchise.

Despite of some negative feedbacks about Resident Evil 7, players are still waiting for the game so that they can finally review what Capcom has done to their beloved game. Hopefully, they will not be impatient because the developer wants them to unravel the game's secrets themselves.

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