The First UFO Sighting To Have Been Recorded This Year Could Hold The Answer To All Extraterrestrial Mysteries, Says UFO Hunters

Days after the New Year kicks in, a professional British UFO photographer John Mooney has allegedly been an eyewitness to a mysterious aircraft lurking around Newton Abbot, Devon. Due to this incident which happened last Monday at around 1:30 p.m., Mooney is  even more convinced that 2017 might just be the year for the ET-hunting community in their quest to prove extraterrestrial life forms.

UFO Sighting To Have Been Recorded This Year Could Hold The Answer To All Extraterrestrial Mysteries

According to reports revealed by Inquisitr, Mooney has been known for being one of the most reliable contributors on an all UFO-based website, the World UFO Photos. As the British photographer explains the sighting of the incident, he said that he was just in the middle of his sky watching activity on the day after New Year's when he spotted a strange object above Newton Abbot's skies. He added that although the object was quite hard to be deciphered, zooming on the quickly ascending object turns out to be shaped like a classic UFO. Mooney was also quoted to have emphasized that it was certainly not coming from a plane, but was, in fact, coming from a round object that appeared to be glowing.

On the other hand, as per Sputnik News, one of the alleged eyewitnesses to the other incident in Queen Creek, Arizona, where witnesses reported seeing three mysterious lights slowly ascending to the sky on New Year's Eve, Julie Baumann, a consultant with marketing company Isagenix, has also said that there were these three bright lights consecutively spaced out in the sky shortly before the beginning of the New Year. However, although skeptics to the incident were not really convinced after providing possible explanation for the mysterious trio of lights, Baumann claims that her account to this strange phenomenon were all accurate. Ultimately, UFO enthusiasts said that the sightings in Devon and Arizona imply that the number of incidents in 2017 is only bound to increase. Furthermore, they said that due to the frequency of the said phenomenon, it is thus likely possible that something very significant is going to happen soon.


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