A Scientific Discovery: Small Volume Of Brain Found Growing Inside A Teenage Girl's Ovary, Complete With Bone Structures

By Marion Villareal , Jan 08, 2017 08:09 PM EST

One of the greatest medical mysteries of the human body has just been realized, as a miniature brain was discovered growing inside a teenage girl's ovary. It is safe to say that when it comes to human anatomy, as much as doctors, scientists and the like have studied them already, time will come again and again wherein they discover something new.

Teenage Girl Discovered To Have Had A Tumor In Her Ovaries With A Tiny Brain Growing Inside

It has recently been reported that a teenage girl, sixteen years old, came to have her appendix removed. However, during the procedure, it was discovered that she had a really tiny brain growing inside one of her ovaries. It was diagnosed as a tumor, 10cm in size that contains a brain inside of it which was 3cm big. There were even signs of matter hair in it, also covered with a thin skull bone. It was no doubt that it was a brain, especially since it even had the bone structure of the skull in it.

Science, the human anatomy and the like continue to baffle the professionals all over the world with the weird discoveries that are continually discovered. The miniature brain was then brought for inspection and further diagnosis, thus it was discovered to be a smaller version of a cerebellum which is a part of the brain that is located beneath the left and right hemispheres. Three months later the tumor was discovered inside the teenage girl, it was then removed and the patient is now in recovery.

Tumors In Ovaries That Grow Human Body Parts Are Scientifically Known As Teratomas

It has been scientifically known that tumors as such that existed in the girl's ovaries are widely known as teratomas, wherein an ovarian tumor contains any foreign tissue which includes the part of the brain. The cause of teratomas has not yet been fully identified, although it has been theorized that it may be caused by an immature egg that turns back from its healthy purpose, thus producing different body parts.

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