Two New Xbox One Controller Colors Unveiled By Microsoft

By Monica U Santos , Jan 10, 2017 11:36 PM EST

A pair of new color options for the Xbox One controller will soon be available, announced today by Microsoft. The first new controller is simply called Red while the second controller is called Green with an  Orange accent.

Two New Xbox One Controller Colors Unveiled By Microsoft

Microsoft has been very active when it comes to Xbox One controller colors and designs. In fact, you can currently purchase the controller in more than 10 colors, such as the Dawn Shadow Special Edition, all white, pure black and much more. Apparently, there's plenty of room for more, as Microsoft has just unveiled the next 2 new colors of Xbox One controllers to join the colorful collection.

According to Game Revolution, the first new color of the Xbox One controller is called Red. Like the other controllers, it also has a two-tone finish and it is very similar to the Gears of War 4 Crimson Omen controller, just without the game-inspired designs. The second new color of the Xbox One controller is called Green/Orange. It is most similar to the existing Xbox One Limited Edition Halo 5 Master Chief controller. However, it's covered the camouflage designs for a flat military green with a little bit of orange accent.

Both controllers have the Blue, Yellow, Green, Red colors of the original Xbox controller printed between the XYAB buttons, as per Slash Gear. If ever a game requests you to tap the red button and you’d be otherwise forgetful of what it was talking about.

Release Date And Price Of The Two New Xbox One Controller Colors

In the US, the Red Xbox One controller will be available exclusively from the Microsoft Store and GameStop for the standard $65 price. Microsoft says that it's shipping to retailers worldwide today and GameStop lists a more precise release date of January 17.

The Green/Orange Xbox One controller price is also at $65 and is exclusive to two retailers in the US, which are the Microsoft Store and Walmart. It will be released on January 24 and with a worldwide release coming on January 31.

Both of these colors of Xbox One controllers are the newest iteration of the company's collection that debuted just last summer alongside the Xbox One S. Microsoft feature a textured grip and Bluetooth support for use with devices other than the Xbox One


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