Aching Bones Could Not Be Caused By Weather

Many have always assumed that weather can play a role in joint aches. Many complain of joint pain in certain weather conditions. However, aching bones could not be caused by weather, as a study shows. Back pain and arthritis have been thought to be affected by weather. This is especially when cold weather comes. The thinking is that temperature, among others, could somehow have an effect on back pain and arthritis.

Professor Chris Maher from the George Institute for Global Health has said that this belief of arthritis and back pain affected by weather goes back to Roman times. He said that this might be because people associate cold weather with joint pain, but do not notice the same pain when in a much more warmer weather. For the study around 1,000 people with lower back pain and 350 with knee osteoarthritis participated.

The result of the study shows that there is no link between back pain or temperature. Other factors such as humidity and air pressure have been discounted as well. Though higher temperatures seem to affect back pain, the effect has been seen as insignificant. Professor Maher said that the study was made in part because people still insist that their joint pain is caused by weather, according to Science Daily.

Back pain is common worldwide. About a third of the world's population has some back pain experience, as SBS reports. More women over 60 also experience back pain. About 16 percent of women over 60 have it as compared to only 10 percent of men.

An earlier study made by the George Institute for Global Health regarding back pain and weather has not been received well on social media. There is still much belief that back pain could somehow be attributed to cold weather. Assistant professor Manuela Ferreira has said that people should not focus on the weather when it comes to joint pains as it does not have any influence on it. Managing joint pain is more than just because of the weather. Aching bones could not be caused by weather. A study also shows that being a weekend warrior might have some benefits.

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