UFO Sightings: Dark Triangle UFO Seen In Kentucky

Two strange UFO sighting was reported from USA. An eyewitness reported a dark triangle UFO which was picked up from Google satellite in from Louisville in Kentucky. Meanwhile, there was also a report of bright UFO seen on Las Vegas, Nevada.

Numerous reports of black triangle UFOs emerged in the 20th and 21st century especially from US and UK. Reports about these types of UFOs were commonly described it as large, black, triangular objects which hover silently and very slowly on low altitudes. Other reports suggest it has pulsing lights on the corners. Some people connect it to the USAF Aurora aircraft.

"My son was looking for his phone and realize it was on his bed. When he picked it up, he realized google satellite was somehow pulled up on his phone... He realizes it [satellite map] was on our hours, he was shocked to see an object hovering on our house," the witness said according to UFO Sightings Daily.

The witness described the alleged UFO with triangle shape and black to dark brown color. He added that he took a snapshot of it from different angles. Looking at the Google coordinates, the news report suggest it must be blurred by Google. The descriptions sound different from previous triangle UFO sightings which was seen in multiple locations.The alien ships reported to MUFON in December 2016 were described to have three large spherical lights each connected by linear lights.

On the other hand, another UFO sighting was reported from USA from a video filmed on Sunday, Jan. 8. According to LUFOS, a bright UFO was seen in Las Vegas in Nevada. The witness said the video was shot from his backyard in the Summerlin area of Las Vegas. That witness admitted he could not identify what the object is and some local news reports connected it to extraterrestrial beings.

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