Will Injustice 2 Be Getting A New Reveal Soon?

2017 may be a big year for fighting games. Besides the release of Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite this year, gamers are also looking forward to NetherRealm's DC Superhero Slugfest, Injustice 2. Some teasers have been posted on the game's official Twitter page, and it looks like fans will be getting a new reveal trailer soon.

Two GIFs had been posted on the site with the first GIF having Superman holding what looks to be the body of a dead woman (probably Lois Lane). The second clip has Wonder Woman unsheathing her sword and swinging it right at Supergirl. Captions were also included in the clips with the Superman post saying, "The Lines Are Redrawn" and the Wonder Woman post saying, "The Battle Rages On."

The "Lines Redrawn" part is very interesting, as it looks like Injustice 2 will be revisiting the death of Lois Lane. In the first Injustice game, Superman creates an authoritarian regime after the Joker supposedly tricks him into murdering Lois Lane and his unborn child. With the figure of the woman he's holding looking to be in a wedding veil, it's very possible that Injustice 2 will see Lois Lane biting the dust once more.

Game Rant guesses that the next trailers for Injustice 2 will be showcasing more of the game's story this time around. So far, fans have only been treated to some action-heavy teasers as well as gameplay footage, but the plot for Injustice 2 still remains a mystery. Other incoming characters have also been teased to appear in the game like Mortal Kombat's Sub-Zero, Spawn, and even characters from Alan Moore's Watchmen. The full character roster hasn't been revealed, but some have guessed that Injustice 2 will have a total of 28 playable characters.

Both GIFs teased have also had the date "01.17.2017" attached to them, so that could be the date of the reveal. Hopefully it keeps fans hyped up till Injustice 2 comes out on May 16.

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