A Boy Battling Cancer Celebrated His Birthday In A Place That “Turned His Life Back Up”— Amazon

Amazon has provided its customers the ultimate joy of having its orders delivered at the convenience of their doorsteps. For the Bickneses of Tucson, this service has given them more time to stay at home and take of their 8-year-old son who is currently battling cancer.

Ben Bicknese was diagnosed with cancer of the kidneys at 6. His chemotherapy treatment has caused his immune system to weaken, keeping the boy stuck either at home or in the hospital. "He couldn't go anywhere. He couldn't go out to the grocery store because we couldn't risk him getting sick," his mother Cecilia Bicknese said.

Ben's Love For Amazon Online Shopping

According to his mother, Ben's source of excitement became online shopping. He looks forward to ordering robots and fountain pens and play with them by taking them apart. His love for online shopping has made Ben wonder how the processes behind it works. "He was telling me every day that I need this or that, even the littlest thing. Just the joy of knowing that something was coming became, like, out of control," said Cecilia.

This was when Cecilia decided to contact his favourite retailer company, Amazon. For his 8th birthday, Ben got the chance to see first hand how his Amazon orders are prepared and packaged. The company gave him a tour in the Amazon Fulfillment Centre in Phoenix. Ben toured the center-an area covering more than 1 million square feet with more than 2,000 employees.

Ben's Big Birthday Bash Right At Amazon

"This is the earth," Ben said while explaining his excitement through a metaphor. "Mind blown. It turned my life - I was upside down - back up." Amazon employers prepared a scavenger hunt for him. In one of the long aisles of the merchandise, they provided directions that allowed him to pull 10 items from the shelves and drop them into yellow bins used to complete orders.

Ben and his sister, Madison, got the chance to package the items. They placed a Star Wars Lego kit, bracelet-making kit, two Amazon Fore Tablets, and board games and so many more items into boxes. At the time when the boxes are being prepared for labelling, the Amazon staff announced a surprise that made Ben so happy- the packages are for him and his family.

"My favorite one is Alexa," Ben said, referring to the Alexa Voice Service on his new Amazon Echo speaker. "Now I can ask Alexa, 'What's the weather, Alexa? How old is my grandpa? When's my dad's birthday?' "

"We're so thankful for Amazon for letting him come and do this," Cecilia told Fox 10. "It's just really a blessing."

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