Mass Effect: Andromeda Might Arrive On Project Scorpio Says BioWare

By Sarene Mae Butao , Jan 17, 2017 04:30 AM EST

Around two months ago, Mac Walters who is the Creative Director of Mass Effect: Andromeda, has made a revelation that the frame rate of the PS4 Pro version of the game is undecided yet. In connection to this, Bioware immediately made a confirmation that the game will be available in the system although they are not yet sure about its hardware specs.

Currently, it seems that Mass Effect Andromeda will also launch on Microsoft's console and at the same time on Sony's PS4 Pro, since Walters suggested a possible version of the game as part of Project Scorpio. Walter has said during an interview with Official Xbox Magazine that he is not yet sure if Microsoft's upcoming console will actually feature the game since Mass Effect: Andromeda's launch date is still two months away and Project Scorpio will not be released until Holiday of 2017, as reported by Game Rant.

Despite this situation, Walters has made a confirmation that it is something that they are definitely considering and looking at. As he looks at the title's Spring release date, he has not made an assurance about the kind of support that they can give during that time. However, he mentioned about their strong service plan for Mass Effect that they will still continue even after their release date. He said that they are actually looking at possibilities of a Game of the Year Edition, a future edition, or a similar kind.

Around two weeks ago, Michael Gamble, Mass Effect: Andromeda producer made a revelation about their lack of plans to make improvement for the Project Scorpio version of the game. This could mean that a possibility of an enhanced version for the Microsoft-upgraded console is not going to happen. Despite this, the game's creative director is still positive that Andromeda could still have a more refined version for the Project Scorpio.


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