Blizzard Confrims There Will Be No Valentines Event For Overwatch

Blizzard has just confirmed that Overwatch will be celebrating the Chinese New Year with another event, teasing new skins for Mei and D. Va. For a while, some people have been thinking that there will be a Valentine event incoming for the game, but it looks like there will not be one.

After the Chinese New Year event was announced on the Overwatch Facebook page, some fans have been asking questions on whether there will also be a Valentines event incoming. The page managers have confirmed that there will be no Valentine event, but they also did write, "Everyone here will still be our Valentine next month."

This only confirms that, aside from the Chinese New Year, the event will also be coming with some Valentine-related goods. With the Chinese New Year on Jan. 28 and Valentines on Feb. 14, it seems logical that the developers would celebrate the events together.

Rumors of a Valentine event have come out after data miners found some voice lines for Mercy and Genji sharing chocolates together. That's the only evidence there is of any Valentines event, but it's very possible that more tidbits will be released when the event goes live.

As for the Chinese New Year event, new skins have been teased for D. Va and Mei - Mei looking traditional with her red New Year garb, and D. Va wearing some traditional Korean robes; D. Va's mech also looks to be sporting a holiday makeover as well.

Overwatch's Winter Wonderland event was met with some fan complaints after Mei's Legendary skin looked to be less than impressive. This time around, fans are a lot happier with the costume being teased, and Mei looks to be getting the Legendary skin she deserves.

The Overwatch Chinese New Year event goes live on Jan. 24.

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