Overwatch News: Year Of The Rooster Will Be Celebrated In The Game, Here's What We Know

Overwatch fans should watch out for the Chinese New Year's celebration that will be live next week. Blizzard will obviously add new skins for the heroes and rewards that players can grab in order to remind them what happened during the event.

Overwatch's Chinese New Year Celebration Teased

It has been a while before Blizzard confirmed that Overwatch will have a new event in order to celebrate the upcoming Chinese New Year. According to GameSpot, the developer announced the event on its Twitter account.

Jan. 24 will be the first day when Year of the Rooster will be celebrated in Overwatch. Blizzard's spokeperson said that the event would have similar features of the past events like Halloween and Christmas celebration that had happened before, as per Polygon.

Year of the Rooster might be bringing holiday-themed sprays, voice lines, emotes and cosmetic items that players will have access next week in Overwatch. The players are just guessing what can they get because of what the spokesperson have revealed.

Other Details Of The Upcoming Event In Overwatch

Players are left hanging when Blizzard only teased them with Mei's new skin and costume that was part of the recently released trailer for Overwatch's upcoming Chinese New Year Event. In addition, the developer hinted that D. Va will be having new skin.

But it seems that Blizzard has new plans for Overwatch in line with the upcoming global celebration next month. However, players are not sure if the game will be celebrating Valentine's Day although the developer likes to surprise its fans.

Hopefully, players will be able to grab every new item in Overwatch that will be available once Year of the Rooster event will roll out. The players are not sure if the event will be flawless because of what happened during the Christmas event.

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