Galaxy Note 8 Update: Top Pros And Cons Unveiled

2017 would be no doubt the year that Samsung will have to make it up to its disappointed fans with the up and coming Galaxy Note 8 after the issues with the Note 7 fiasco. As of the moment, there has been some new information where Samsung is expected to release its full report on the Note 7 problem later this month.

This particular reports will be vital in determining what needs to be changed with the Galaxy Note 8 to ensure that it won't encounter the same problems with the Note 7. The Korean tech company could have killed the wildly popular Note line after the whole Note 7 problem, but it chose note to, which was a wise decision.

Pros & Cons of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8

The phone was so beloved by the users that they may be willing to forgive and forget, especially if Samsung goes all in and surprise people with something truly impressive with the Note 8. There have been a lot of talks regarding the upcoming Galaxy Note 8, and here are some Pros and Cons that we have gathered about it.

[Pro] No more Battery problems

Samsung fans would be happy to know that it is planning to use batteries made by some of its competitors for the Galaxy Note 8. This indicates that whether it may or may not the battery that caused all the problems for the Note 7, it's safe to say that battery problems won't be a thing for the Note 8.

[Pro] Upgrades

Samsung has already been reported to be working on a new AI assistant called Bixby. Although this is already expected to debut on the Galaxy S8 earlier this year, it will no doubt be incorporated on the Galaxy Note 8 as well. The Galaxy Note 8 would also be featuring full 4K display for the very first time, along with an increase in RAM to 6GB.

The amount of internal storage could potentially double, and the iris scanner that was already introduced in the Note 7 will also be making its reappearance, but this time in a safer phone. IP68 water resistance will also be featured, as well as updates to the S-Pen and camera.

[Con] More waiting

Probably the only downside of the Note 8 is that we'll probably have to wait until September to see how many of these rumors will be true. Until then, all remains to be seen.

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