Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Update: Will It Be Foldable? To Feature 4K Display And 6GB RAM

Samsung seems to have moved on from the Galaxy Note 7 exploding battery issue and has already focused itself on the future. Several reports have indicated that the South Korean tech giant is placing a lot of its resources on incorporating a lot of next-generation features on its upcoming flagship, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

Samsung not rushing itself this time

However, potential delay in the release of the Note 7's sequel is going to be imminent, as per the report. Several sources have already claimed that Samsung is not rushing itself, and it taking its time to release the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

Also, several sources have also confirmed that the Galaxy Note 8 release date has been moved from the previously announced mid-2017 to September; about the same exact time as the expected launch of Apple's upcoming iPhone 8.

Potential Specs

Among the expected specs for the Samsung Galaxy Note, 8 is a rumored foldable display, moving from the prototype introduced by Samsung a few years ago into the real thing, ready to become the first ever handset to take advantage of the technology. This has been confirmed after several reports have leaked Samsung submitting to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office that would grant them a patent for a fold-out smartphone.

AI and 4K resolution

In terms of digital assistance, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be featuring Bixby, powered by their recently acquired Viv intelligence. The screen would have 4K display resolution, ram is going to be an increase to 6GB and double for internal storage.

Hints of an upgraded S-Pen that would feature speakers and a much powerful battery has also been speculated

No more Home Button

I the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will also pack in the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, including a fingerprint sensor that will be embedded in its display. This would then replace the traditional home button. Among other rumored specs, an iris scanner will also be included on the upcoming handset.

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