Microsoft Hints 'Xbox Scorpio' Release In E3, 'Halo 6' Has Similar Launch Date

The potential release date for Microsoft's Xbox Scorpio remains a mystery as the company hasn't made any official announcements regarding the full unveiling of the gaming system. Nonetheless, Xbox fans are already going ahead of themselves and are expecting Microsoft to officially launch and release the upcoming Xbox console during this year's E3 event in June.

Fans are getting impatient

Although Microsoft is fully aware that game enthusiasts are not particularly patient when it comes to waiting for a brand new console release, the company quiet about issuing any specific dates. Xbox head Phil Spencer was constantly asked when they would be releasing and unveil the Xbox Scorpio and whether the device is present this coming E3.

Spencer stated that he is also unsure regarding the Xbox Scorpio release date yet.

Early release for the Scorpio?

Previous reports have announced a holiday 2017 release for the Xbox Scorpio, but thanks to faster development and rivaling consoles, there has been some recent talk about an earlier release. But despite all the waiting, Spencer promised that the console will definitely be worth the wait.

The Scorpio's power

Man reports claim that the Xbox Scorpio is being heavily dubbed as the most powerful console ever created, featuring a whopping 6 teraflops of GPU to go along with full VR capabilities and 4k gaming.

Halo 6 for the Scorpio?

On the other hand, there have also been reports claiming that "Halo 6" might also be released along with the Xbox Scorpio. The growing speculation that the upcoming video game will be ready for unveiling the same time as the Xbox Scorpio's release began when COO Matt McCloskey left 343 Industries to become the vice president of Commerce for Twitch.

Why McCloskey quit 343?

One of the reasons for McCloskey's resignation was that something bad might have happened, or the Halo franchise is now finished. It has been said that the game's executives don't just easily quit knowing that their game is still under development, as per reports.

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