Resident Evil 7 Director Comments On The Nintendo Switch's 'Potential'

A lot of fans are hyped up for the release of both The Nintendo Switch and Resident Evil 7, and RE director, Koshi Nakanishi, has a few words about Nintendo's upcoming console. Would it be possible to get a game like Resident Evil coming to the kid-friendly Nintendo Switch?

In an interview with Game Reactor, Nakanishi talks about the perks of being a developer and how he was able to check out the Switch before the actual presentation. "I think it's unique hardware and I'll explore its possibilities. I've always been a fan of Nintendo," said Nakanishi.

Gaming Bolt has pointed out that the Switch has been getting some mixed reviews from people who were able to get their hands on the device early, but then again, Nakanishi's comment is coming from the point-of-view from a developer and not a critique. Seeing as the success of the Nintendo Switch is still dependent on the consumers, it is probably best to wait and see how everything turns out on launch day.

Other developers have also expressed their faith in the Nintendo Switch becoming one of the next big consoles. Drew Thaler, a developer from Naughty Dog (Uncharted series and Last of Us) has said that the Switch hits all of Nintendo's strengths. Even if the console may not be the best at power or memory, it is still a pretty smart step for Nintendo's part.

Support from game developers should bode well for the Nintendo Switch as well, because the Switch's survival will also depend on how many games will be playable on it. Nintendo's Reggie Fils-Aime has pointed out that the Switch is set to succeed since he is confident that the console will get a steady stream of games coming toward it - unlike the Wii U - and that the marketing team has done a good job in informing the people exactly what to expect from Nintendo's latest innovation.

Will the Switch succeed, or will it fall like the Wii U? Only time will tell. The Nintendo Switch is set to release on March 3.

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